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We offer a Georgian Language Distance Learning (GLDL) Course to those who are looking for a good basic command and understanding of written and spoken Georgian.

The course is available in an eBook form and is supplemented by a variety of oral (audio) and written material. It also is equipped with Tool Kit that works under MS ACCESS 2000. It will allow students to practice in different issues (alphabet, grammar etc.) and to take exams and to send exam “paper" automatically via Internet to a tutor. Results will be uploaded onto central computer system and reviewed by a tutor who will guide you through the whole course.

It's not a full time online training. You just download documents from the Internet and then study independently on your local PC. If you have problems you communicate with us via email. In some cases you send us your homework again via email. You take your exams again on your local computer (ACCESS tool) and the system automatically sends us results of your exam. So you do not need permanent access to Internet.

The GLDL Course will last 12 months. The course comprises 4 stages. Each stage contains 3 units. Each stage lasts about 6-12 weeks depending on your study intensity. Each unit is equipped with a number of listening texts (supported by audio files) and reading texts arranged as eBooks.

Customers, who purchased and entered the course, received all the methodological and training materials will not be refunded when decide to terminate participation (study Georgian language) in GLDL Course by any reason.

The GLDL course is available for PC and Apple Macintosh users as well. The Macintosh users will not be able to use MS ACCESS 2000 Tool Kit. This will result in just complication the study process at our end. Instead of using automated tool you will have to do excercises and exam manually (typing on the computer) and sending files to your tutor. The GLDL Course materials will be sent to you via e-mail immediately after purchase. Learn Georgian Language!

More information at http://georgian-language.com

GLDL Course. First Stage, Second, Third or Fourth stage
The First Stage completion will give the student independent writing and reading habits. He will obtain knowledge of Georgian grammar basics (formation of grammatical number, declension of nouns, conjugation of verbs etc.) needed for speaking and conversational phrases of modern Georgian language, system of counting, and learn 200-300 Georgian words. On the completion of the stage an exam will be offered to students. On the Second stage completion students are supposed to enrich their knowledge of phases (e.g. time indication) and words. They will be able to transfer independently verb in several tenses that is rather difficult in Georgian language and need a lot of practice. The emphasis will be given to audio exercises complemented with texts that will give the ability of carrying out of conversation and communication with Georgian speaking person. On the completion of the stage an exam will be offered to students. For PC (Windows OS) only.
Price: Each stage - USD 115
GLDL Course. First or Second Stage. Same as above. For Macintosh computers only.
Price: Each stage price: USD 115

GLDL Course. If you buy the stages 1, 2 and 3 (three stages as one package)
Price: USD 258 (25% discount in fact)
GLDL Course. If you buy full cource you should buy three stages and the fourth you will get free of charge
Price: USD 345 (33% discount in fact)

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