Best compositions, of the best composers of the all times - originals (if they are easy to play) or adapted for the amateur piano players. You will spend unforgettable minutes playing these amazing pieces at your leisure time. You will wonder your spouse playing beautiful tunes; you will attract attention of a person you are trying to get more acquainted with; you will deeper the sense of love with your girlfriend or boyfriend, your colleagues will discover your new gifts and your friends would say they haven't known in full what a refined soul you actually have.

To play most of the compositions form these music books you should be 5 form of music school graduate at least.

Compilation #3

1. Frederic (Fryderyk) Chopin. Polish composer.
    Mazurka op.63, #3
    Prelude op.28. #7
    Nocturne op.9 #2
    Waltz op.64. #2
    Polonaise op.40. #1
2. Franz (Ferenc) Liszt (1811-1886). Hungarian composer.
    Hungarian song
    Consolation #3
    Thinker from Years of Pilgrimage
    Missing of Motherland from Years of Pilgrimage
    Canzonet of Salvatore Rose from Years of Pilgrimage
3. Richard Wagner (1813-1883). German composer.
    At Black Swans
    Wolfram von Eschenbach's Romance from Tannhauser opera
4. Giuseppe Verdi (1813 – 1901). Italian composer.
    The scene from the third movement of La Traviata opera
    March from Aida
5. Stanislaw Monushko. (1819 - 1872). Polish composer.
    Slow Waltz - Bagatelle
6. Sezar Frank (1822 - 1890). French composer
7. Bedrich Smetana (1824 – 1884). Czech composer.
    Polka. op. 12. #1
8. Johann Strauss (1925 -1899). Austrian composer.
    Waltz. On the Blue Danube. op.31.
9. Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897). German composer
    Waltz. op. 39. #2
    Waltz. op. 39. #15
    Intermezzo. op. 116. #6
   Hungarian dance #5
10. Camille Saint-Sans. (1835 - 1921). French composer
11. Leo Delibes (1836 - 1891). French composer
    Waltz from the ballet Coppélia

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