Learn how to take measures to sew Georgian handmade long leather boots

The shoemaker needs four measurements (a, b, c, d) which are shown on the picture below. The first one (a) is just your show size, but it would be better to measure your foot in centimeters. The two of them (b and c) are just leg circumferences in shown places in centimeters. Circle c must be the biggest one which is relevant in that place of the leg. The last one (d) is vertical length in shown direction (from the heel to the bend of the knee). It could be measured while sitting on a chair.

Georgian handmade long leather boots will be made from genuine leather by professional shoemaker who sews shoes for professional dancers (ERISIONI group). The price will be USD 150 including hand manufacturing, insurance and shipment. Payment beforehand and you will get them within two weeks (one week manufacturing, another week for delivery).

Measurement for leather boots