Fortuna vol.2 - compilation of most popular Georgian songs broadcasted via FM 103.4 in 2003

  1. isev mohval - You Will Come Again (5 Lines).
  2. mikvarhar I Love You (Kaha, Kakha Tsiskaridze)
  3. dro Time (Buka)
  4. chven orni We Two Together (Stase)
  5. aviare chaviare I Went There and Here (Black Prince)
  6. geperebodi I Caressed You (Zura Khachidze, Hachidze)
  7. gavertot Let's Have Fun (Dato Khujadze)
  8. am gulis This Heart's (Night's Guests)
  9. ra ikneba shens mahloblad mec viko What Happens You I Also Will be Near To You (Isini and Nato Niparidze)
  10. araferi maxarebs Nothing Chuckles Me (Sound)
  11. ar etsekvo skhvas Do Not Dance With Other (Session)
  12. agar minda shentan - I Do Not Want To Be With You (Dzebnili and Jeronimo)