Lela Tsurtsumia

Album: The Best. Release date: Year 2002. Style: pop music

  1. Vagif
  2. The Sun Is Setting Down
  3. The Hope (Duet with Gura Doidjashvili)
  4. Why I Wanted This?
  5. Yearning
  6. Where Are You? (Duet with Maya Baratashvili)
  7. Oneness
  8. A Dream
  9. Flavour Of Autumn (Duet with Rusa Morchildze)
  10. Mysterious Night
  11. My Hear Was Waiting For You (Duet with Soso Pavliashvili) Lela Tsirstsumia
  12. Samba
  13. Give Me Back My Love (Duet with Achi Meparidze)
  14. They Disappear and Emerge
  15. You Are Far Away
  16. One Love Story (Duet with Stephane)
  17. Tbiliso
  18. Said Silently
  19. Dreaming Of You (Duet with Street Boys)