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» Boris Zagani was born in 1953; in 1980 - graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Art. Since 1980 has been the member of the Artist's Union of Georgia. Participant of different exhibitions held in Tbilisi (from 1980 to 2001), Moscow (1980, 1983, 1987, 1991) and other cities of former Soviet Union.
» Though specialized in the graphic art, all his work has been dedicated to the development of an ancient art of gobelin (tapestry). He is fully confident that new art always is descendant and necessary the successor of the old.
» Being twins by horoscope and physiologically, he is a really sociable and cheerful person. He never speaks much about himself, he prefers his work to speak about him.

» The art of gobelin is one of the most ancient variety of the carpet-weaving. Georgian tradition has kept the ancient method of handcrafted weave a tapestry. At the XX century the art of Georgian gobelin has greatly developed in a new direction. All the gradual operations, starting from preparation of the weaver's frame, making the natural paints for painting of the thread, and the process of making a gobelin are handcrafted according to the individual sketches of the artists. Thanks to this fact and the unique quality of the woolen yarn, each gobelin is a unique work of art.