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About Us

We are not are looking for a sure-fire "get rich quick" scheme. We value our partners, we order the best products to be offered to you and we are responsible against you for the quality. We came to online business to stay here for a long.

We know everything on the products we offer you. You can ask us any question via e-mail before you make chose.

We are quite conservative in our chose of products. We are looking to sell only the best products and services and will keep the best product categories and products "on shelf" for a long period. But at the same time we study statistics and optimize the nomenclature. This balance brings us success.

We do not spare money and our efforts to bring the best quality products and services to you. We invest money in online marketing as well.

Among our valuable partners are: Georgian Union of Artists, Georgian Union of Composers, Georgian Union of Young Craftsman, Arts Gallery Orient, Arts Gallery Chardin, TV and Radio Music Broadcasting Group, Enamel Ltd., Internet Academy and many other organizations. We established fruitful partnerships with gifted individuals who produce unique Georgian handicrafts and real masterpieces based on national traditions and technologies.

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