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Due to frequent fraudulent orders coming from some countries we have to change our policy against e-goods.
You will get the links to the intangible products (downloadable sheet music, maps, ebooks, audio files) only after the Paypal approves the order — usually 24 hours (they contact the issuing bank of the Credit Card and maybe will phone to you to check out the validity of the order).
I will send the download link to you via email after the order has passed the Paypal Fraud review.
Please, accept this policy, since it is focused on your financial safety while doing purchases via Internet.

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We sell eBooks prepared by highly qualified Georgian specialists. The eBooks basically are devoted to Georgian culture and realities (Georgian Cuisine), but some of them could be considered as of International nature (Health etc.). You can observe eBooks titles and short description. Click Go to get resumes of the eBooks and to buy them. As bonuses to some of them we offer free eBooks which cover related subject and are written by other authors. We would like to assure you that there is no other website offering eBooks which sound Georgian theme. And we do our best to make you happy. Trust us and you will get quality product.

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Georgian language distance learning courses

THE HOMECOMING by Harold Pinter (1930 - 2009).
In an old and slightly seedy house in North London there lives a family of men: Max, the aging but still aggressive patriarch, his younger, ineffectual brother Sam, and two of Max's three sons, neither of whom is married—Lenny a small-time pimp, and Joey, who dreams of success as a boxer. Into this sinister abode comes the eldest son Teddy, who has been living in America for six years teaching philosophy in a university, bringing his wife Ruth home to visit the family she has never met. As the play progresses, the younger brothers make increasingly outrageous passes at their sister-in-law until they are in fact actually making love to her in front of her stunned but strangely aloof husband. This is a play which has been called "outrageous," "grotesquely funny" and "astonishing in its verbal candor." It is also, as the Financial Times of London put it, "monstrously effective theatre." The play was first produced in London by the Royal Shakespeare Company and ran for a year and a half, closing only in order to bring the original cast to _blank York for the American premiere early in 1967.
Price: USD 4

ALI AND NINO. Kurban Said.
Ali Khan and Nino Kipiani live in the cosmopolitan, oil-rich capital of Azerbaijan which, at the beginning of the twenties century, is a melting-pot of different cultures. Ali is a Muslim, with his ancestors' passion for the desert, and Nino is a Christian Georgian girl with sophisticated European ways. Despite their differences, the two have loved each other since childhood and Ali is determined that he will marry Nino as soon as she leaves school. But there is not only the obstacle of their different religions and parental consent to overcome. The First World War breaks out. As the Russians withdraw, the Turks advance, and Ali and Nino find themselves swept up in Azerbaijan's fight for independence.
Price: USD 12

Georgian Language Distance Learning Course   Go

The Spiritual Mission of Georgia. By Zviad Gamsakhurdia (Gamsahurdia).    Go

The Anthology of Georgian Poetry   Go

Georgian supra rules and cuisine   Go

Shota Rustaveli - The Knight in the Tiger's Skin poem. Georgian poet of 12 century. Audio version. Famous actors read this immortal poem, regarded by the UNESCO as a human culture value for you.    Go

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