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About eBooks

When I get my eBook
Due to frequent fraudulent orders coming from some countries we have to change our policy against e-goods. You will get the links to the intangible products (downloadable sheet music, maps, ebooks, audio files) only after the Paypal approves the order. I will send the download link to you via email after the order has passed the 2checkout.com Fraud review. Please, accept this policy, since it is focused on your financial safety while doing purchases via Internet.

What are the benefits to readers of me4u.biz?
  • Cheaper than paper books.
  • Instantly available worldwide - the eBook will be sent via e-mail instead of waiting for "snail mail" or local release.
  • Convenient - imagine loading several useful eBooks and a few eMagazines (E-zine) onto a portable reading device before you go on holiday.
  • Quick to get via e-mail or through download - the average eBook takes only 3-4 minutes.
  • You can build a whole library of digital books.
  • Users can do search and create/organize content.
  • eBook reading software is free and easy to download from the Internet.

    Do I need special software or hardware to read eBooks?
    All you need is your PC or laptop. You should carefully read the description of the book. For the most eBooks available on our Website you do need any additional programs installed on your PC. They contain all needed components to be able to display an eBook on the screen and play embedded audio files through common audio or video players existing on your PC (Winamp or Windows Media Player). In some cases you do need to make sure you've downloaded one of the free readers before you download your eBooks.
    We have eBooks in two formats: PDF for Adobe eBook Reader and self-extracting exe files which require Windows compatible operating system (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP). The PDF eBooks and MS 2000 (.doc) files can be read on PC's and laptops and Apple Macintosh computers.

    Can I download books onto my hand-held device?
    Our exe extensions books can be downloaded to a Pocket PC hand held device as well as PC's and laptops, but the Adobe eBook Reader books are for PC's, laptops and Macs only.


    Can I print and copy my eBooks?
    To protect copyright, publishers establish their own guidelines for how much of their eBooks can be printed or copied. This means that these permissions will differ from book to book. Each of our eBooks has the permissions allowed shown on the "eBook information" page.

    How I will get my eBook?
    You can download you book from the website or the eBook will be sent to you via email.

    What happens if I lose my eBook?
    Please contact us at support@me4u.biz and we will send your eBook again.

    How do I know my credit card information is secure?
    Actually your creadit card is processed by the US bank which provides secure services to its clients.

    What are the terms and conditions?
    For more information please head to terms of use.

    Can I return an eBook?
    Due to the nature of electronic products, once a book has been downloaded we cannot issue a refund. If you do encounter technical difficulty, please contact our friendly support team at support@me4u.biz

    What happens to the eBook when I'm done reading it?
    Since you own the eBook, once you have read it you can store it in the Library. The Library facility for pdf formatted eBooks is included with the Adobe eBook Reader.

    Can I send an eBook as a gift?
    You cannot send an eBook that you purchased from our Enterprise as a gift. It must be downloaded to the computer where the eBook will be read and are not granted to distribute it to any other person.
    But you can freely distribute eBooks that you downloaded from our FreeStuff section.


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