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About Handicrafts

Question: How do you choose crafts for your e-store?
Answer: You get the best available in Georgia products. We pay special attention to the quality of crafts. We have a lot of partners and on the basis of demand, using marketing indicators and our arts experts advice we cooperate with the most popular of them and producing the highly requested items. It's a matter of experience.

Question: How will I get my handicraft?
Answer:The crafts will be sent via A class mail services that guarantee fast and safe delivery worldwide. You can trace delivery of the the shipping via internet. You will be informed how to do that by receiving an e-mail from us as soon the shipment is sent.

Question: How about quality of the products?
Answer:We guarantee the best quality of the products we offer to you. Some of our handicrafts have specific qualities (improving health, creating positive aura; defending its owners from negative influence of natural circumstances or woodo techniques etc). You should read description attached to each craft for sale on the Website.

Question: What's your money back policy?
Answer:You will get your money back if you are not satisfied with the quality of crafts you have purchased from us. You should send the product back to us (indicated on your airway bill) in its original package within 48 hours after receiving. When we get the product back in the initial condition we would refund you immediately. Shipping back fee is on your expenses. For more information please head to terms of use. And please contact our friendly support team at support@me4u.biz
You can send a handicraft that you purchased from our Enterprise as a gift.

Question: What's your Credit Card payment policy?
Answer:Credit Card regulations require that the customer's credit card not actually be billed until the order has been fulfilled (i.e. accessed digital goods such as ebooks, service fulfillment) or shipped (tangible goods or delayed service fulfillment). Because of this regulation the me4u.biz will fulfill services, digital goods access will be provided and items will be shipped before the card transaction is settled and fund released.


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