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What Our Costumers Say About Us

I just wanted to thank you again for the CDs, which arrived yesterday, and for your excellent service. Finally receiving and listening to "Daisi" after everything that has been going on in Georgia this month was a truly triumphant experience. Such glorious work - a true pity Paliashvili is so ignored on this side of the world. And I'm halfway through the Nasidze material - my God! he is such a criminally underrated composer, a real genius. I am absolutely thrilled to be listening to this music, and it's really only through you that I could have done so. Thank you so much!
Best regards,

"I find the music file I ordered from you (S. Tsintsadze. Five pieces for cello and piano) to be remarkable... Certainly one of the most remarkable of composers, beyond the music of Ennio Bologninni and as challenging and sonorous in melody as the best of the work of Sergei Prokofieff".
Daniel Getzin (United States)

Hi! Happy New Year!
This is Mal Parker from Arizona. I'm still enjoying all the discs you sent me and hope you will keep me in mind if you record some new things in the future. The discs have brought me much joy!

thank you very much for the paining, i just got it....its a present to my father, who grew up in Avlabar.
I'm certain he's going to love it; I did, very much.
Thank you again, have a wonderful day, Elvira Maliarova (New York, USA)

I wanted to thank you for having this wonderful site! It's really a great place where people can get back in touch with the movies, music, etc. that they grew up with. I have just received the DVD's that you have sent me, and wanted to say thanks for your quick responses. I would definitely recommend your site to everyone interested in Georgian arts and culture, and I wish you all the best. Didi madloba! Please keep up this wonderful work!
Evelina Khukhashvili (New York, USA)
July, 2005

Thanks for your good and freindly service. I recommed this site to whoever wishes to buy something Georgian. I'm very satisfied with it.


Hello nice page and it downloads very fast, enjoyed it very much, take care. The internet is a great place to showcase art and increase awareness in the variety of excellent work available.

Mike Zubov (USA)

Thank you very much for your service. I am very contened and thankfull with it. I will defenatly use it in future. wish you all the best.

Kind regards
Jambul Sekhniashvili (Southampton, England, UK)

Thank you TEMUR, All the dvds that you send it to me are in perfect conditions and are really great to watch. please get more opera and ballet video/dvd .

kayhan jamshidi (australia)

I asked for sheet music of Georgian chants - you got it for me! That's what I call outstanding service!
Good luck for future business!!!

Dirk (Hannover, Germany)

I love it.
Koveltvis vikavi tkveni takvanismtsemeli da gansakutrebit ahla , rotsa ase moklebuli var kvelafer kartuls.
I wish you to be as good as you are now. You jast dont need to be more.


I enjoyed your web page and will be back. God bless.

kenta (uk)

Thank you for your kind help to obtain some disks with Georgian religious music. To other customers I can warmly recommend all Georgian religious music: you do not even need to be a Christian to appreciate this warm, deeply moving choral music, which is unique in the world.

Vincent Hunink (Nijmegen (Netherlands))

Your kindness, helpfulness and excellent customer service are very much appreciated. The videos - all 26 of them - arrived quickly and in perfect condition (in fact much more quickly than many items sent from within the United States!). They will be used by our students for many years to come. Thank you and best wishes.

Shosh Westen (Seattle, Washington)

Thank you very much for patient accistance with the selection and purchase of Georgian music and paintings. Everything arrived very quickly and in excellent shape. It was a pleasure to do business with you. Wishing you all the best.

Sincerely yours,

Dmitry GOldgaber (USA)

Dear Temur,
Many thanks for your first class assistance & for making my childrens usic teacher a very happy man. Good luck & best regards.

R Britton, UK

very happy to have found something that represents my culture... well done!

lia (uk)



I enjoy the Supra Book!

Larry Crockett (Vermont, USA)

Thank you for sharing with the world the treasures of Georgian culture. Keep up great work

Alexander (Sasha) Ortenberg (3190 Melanie Rd., Marina, CA, 93933)

Just wanted to say that your website is AMAZING! I was browsing the web just for fun, to have a look at some good websites as it helps me in work. Well, I'd be proud to have a website like yours - its very useful and well-designed. So go ahead, and continue to make the web better!

Rufat Eminoff (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

I ordered four CDs from you and they were delivered to me in just one week. I'm very happy with your service and all the good advice you give me on Georgian music.
It's also great that finally it's possible to buy music from Georgia on the internet!!!
Thanks a lot for a wonderful shopping opportunity.

Best Wishes
Trond (Norway)

Thanks for your good and freindly service. I recommed this site to whoever wishes to buy something Georgian. I'm very satisfied with it.

Ramon Garcia (Paterson,NJ, USA)

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